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Squirrel Right Agency - SCP is proud to be a reputable Vietnamese agency performing transactions including introducing and supporting the copyright purchase procedure for Vietnamese and Southeast Asian customers with suppliers in America, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, India,....
We have made thousands of book rights transaction, thereby helping Vietnamese clients have rights to publish books, educational programs, and digital content from leading publishers in the US, Europe, and Asia in the Vietnamese.
We, SCP has also had the success of introducing and selling copyrights of Vietnamese authors' books to foreign publishers.
With the mission of building a foundation, culture of knowledge and creating innovative thinking of the new generation, SCP has always maintained its position as a professional copyright transaction unit, a reliable partner of all customers. domestically and internationally.

SCP Copyright Trading Services

The Squirrel Copyright Representative - SCP performs transactions including: introducing and supporting procedures, contracts for the purchase and sale of copyrights in the following fields and genres:

Buying copyrights of Books - Including buying copyright of paper books, buying copyright of electronic books (Ebooks), buying copyright of audio books (Audiobooks):

Buying Digital Contents' rights - Including Purchase of TV series rights, Purchase of movie rights, Purchase of video rights, Purchase of documentary rights; Buy cartoon rights; Buy science film rights.

Buying digital data's rights - Copyright products: The right to use, own, and display documents, data, audios, videos for museum display, exhibition or social science documentary making. / nature of museums, libraries, publishers, media channels, research, data companies

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Room 703, Building B3.7 Hacinco, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City