Publishing Services

Publishing Services is our strength with experience and knowledge of the Vietnamese market and business relationships. With the strength of being a partner of many international publishers, SCC offers an International Publishing service that helps domestic organizations and authors publish their articles, researches, books.

Since 2005, SCC has become a reliable partner of many publishing houses and book companies in Vietnam with the service of providing manuscript organization, consulting for publishing license, editing, proofreading works, printing and distribution links, distribute publications across the country. Our services included:

  • Publishing consultant
  • Preparing publishing projects
  • Copyright transactions
  • Invite authors, proofreaders, experts to write and evaluate 
  • Design and printing
  • Register to publish locally and internationally
  • Release consultant

Always been highly appreciated by domestic partners for the idea of ​​developing topics, quality manuscript content, editing, and editing books of educational, supplementary and reference books for students, teachers, parents, grandparents; books of culture, tourism and foreign languages; SCC is also a reliable and reputable partner in publishing consultancy activities for international publishing corporations and publishing companies in Vietnam.

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