“Ow!” Said The Owl (Buggy Book)

Types: Book
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Detail information:

Name: “Ow!” Said The Owl (Buggy Book)

Recommended age: 18 month +

ISBN: 978-3-7891-1297-7

Published: 22.7.2019

Pages: 16

Illustrations: 16

Features: 16 illustration, 16 colored

Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger



• Rights already sold to China, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain

• English translation available!

• More than 500,000 copies sold of the series!

Poor little owl! A delightful book about making hurts better.

The little owl has hurt herself. The fox comes along and blows on the bump, the mouse brings a plaster and the snake strokes the little owl's cheek. But what's the best way to make it better? A kiss from Mummy Owl, of course! With the cutest little owl in the world, this book is an absolute favorite with very young children! A charming story of kindness and empathy told in clear pictures and simple rhymes children will have gret fun joining in with.

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