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The Scrawls and Scribbles Book

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Name: The Scrawls and Scribbles Book

• Recommended age: 4 +

• ISBN: 978-3-7891-6615-0

• Published: 01.02.2008

• Pages: 160

Hotline hỗ trợ: 0932 373 282 - 0903 276 959


• Rights already sold to Basque, Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Castile, China, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, The Netherlands


Creative scrawls and scribbles! An innovative drawing book for small children
What’s hatching from the eggs? What is the brave knight running away from? What is the fairy conjuring up and which treasures are hidden away deep inside the mountain? Children can let their imagination run wild with The Scrawls and Scribbles Book and the pictures inside invite them to complete the unfinished drawings and to make up stories. Each child can finish off the pictures however he or she wants and begin with the one he or she likes best – that’s why not only children but also teenagers and even adults have so much fun with this book!
A super concept also for nursery schools and schools – developed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

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