The Unexpected Christmas Guest

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Types: Book
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Detail information:

Name: The Unexpected Christmas Guest

• Recommended age: 3 years old +
• Pages: 32
• Size: 22 x 28,5(cm)



• Rights to the series already sold Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine

A lovely Christmas story  about finding friends in unexpected places.

The bear has been so busy  preparing for hibernation  that he even forgot to go  to sleep. However, he is  overjoyed: For the first  time ever, he’ll be able to  celebrate Christmas! He  wants to host a great party  for the inhabitants of the  forest and immediately sets  out to write invitations,  make decorations and get  a tree. Unfortunately, the  other animals are afraid of  him and when Christmas  Eve arrives, he is waiting in vain for his guests – or is he?

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