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Con Soc Media and Culture Company announces the recruitment of Media and Editorial Staffs.

Quantity: 01 male / female

Job description:

- Editing translated books, books - manuscripts of the company, customers according to the Company's plan

- Web administration and related jobs

- Managing and developing social networks

- Online marketing (SEO, seeding, email marketing ...)

- Develop ideas and implement other communication activities

- Exchange added in the interview

Job requirements:

- Graduated from linguistics, literature, sociology ... (Priority candidates to study Linguistics - University of Social Sciences and Humanities)

- Had work experience and knowledge in the field of publications (book priority, ...)

- Proficient in at least 1 foreign language is strength (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, ...)

- KNOW how to use simple photo editing programs

- Good sense at work

- Have creative thinking

- Office information

- Prioritize your favorite jobs related to books and media.


- Salary agreed by capacity

- Saturday rest, Sun

- Trained, guided, approached with practice from real work.

- Young working environment, dynamic, professional, promoting all abilities of themselves.


Please send the CV and Cover Letter to apply


Tel: 0246 285 4663


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