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Squirrel Rights Agency - Invitation to 'Foreign Language Books' Copyright Online Event


Hosted by Vietnam Publication Bureau in cooperation with Vietnam Publishers Association
Organised by Squirrel Rights Agency
Dear Customers/ Partners,
We would like to invite you to the 'Foreign Language Books' Copyright Online Event' celebrating the World Book and Copyright Day - UNESCO (23/4/2021) and the World Intellectual Property Day (26/4/2021).
Detailed information: 
  • Time: 19/4 - 21/4/2021
  • Online meeting with:
    • Mr. Roberto Berti Riboli - International Sales & Licensing Executive from ELI Publishing
    • Mr. Terry Phillips - Business Development Director from Innova Press Ltd
    • Mr. Lee Dong Ho - Executive Director from Darakwon Publishing
  • Foreign Publishers that attend at the event: ELI, Innova, Darakwon, and IBC
  • Publications' copyright that are introduced:
    • Language: English, German, Korean, Japan, Chinese, and French
    • Format: Foreign Language course books level A1-C2, foreign language course books for practice tests, and specialized language course books (business management, trading, marketing, health care, tourism, hospitality, etc.)

Customers or Partners interested in joining the event please CLICK HERE before 16/04/2021

Inquiries may be sent to the address: 

Email: (Cc |
Hotline: 0903 276 959

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ELI PUBLISHING: English, French, German, Korean, Japan, and Chinese Language Course Books

INNOVA PRESS LTD.: English Course Books of all levels, Practice Test Books, and Specialized Course Books

DARAKWON PUBLISHING: Korean Course Books on 4 skills (level A1-C1), Practice Test Books, Course Books on Korean Language and Culture

IBC PUBLISHING: Japan Course Books on 4 skills, Practice Test Books, and Specialized Course Books

And many more high-quality Foreign Language Course Books from ELI, Darakwon, Innova, and IBC waiting for you to explore!

Customers or Partners interested in joining the event please CLICK HERE
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