Distributing Agency

SCC was formed as an agent for foreign publishing houses to purchase copyrights in Vietnam and vice versa, book rights consultancy as well.  We also work in import and export procedures, collaborating with publishing houses for distributing books, learning courses and related products such as book index software, online bill.

SCC is the representative of Export-Import and distribution of Book, Data, Digital Content, Online and Offline training programs based on applications and requirements of domestic and international customers; 

Currently, SCP is the regular export representative of Vietnamese Books for Swedish, Taiwan, Italy, Malaysia, Chinese partners... SCC represents Import and Distribution of foreign books into Vietnam on orders, including the categories:

  • General Education: Programs, books of Cambridge, Oxford, Macmillan, MMP, Houghton Miflin Harcourt and MC Graw, ELI Publishing, Pelangi Group,...
  • Higher Education: Wiley Publisher, MC Graw, Person, Standford University, Taylor and Francis Group,...
  • Foreign languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German,
    Books of culture, history, politics, science, business, economics, ... children, literature... English and other languages.

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