The list of publishers and partners

Squirrel Rights Agency appeared in Vietnam in 2014, and has become the only professional Vietnamese licensing agency. The Squirrel Copyright Agency representative has helped customers who are publishers and book companies in the country have access to leading publishers and authors from Japan and Germany. Building a new path of bringing Vietnamese readers to a world of high cultural and entertainment content of the rising country, changing the tastes of Vietnamese readers.

From 2014, Squirrel Rights Agency has continuously attended international copyrighted book fairs such as Beijing, London, Frankfurt, Bologna, Shanghai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumper, Singapore, Tokyo...; deployed many transactions of copyright purchase and introduced copyright of Vietnamese authors and publishers to foreign publishers. Became a representative of more than 100 publishers and educational groups of USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Europe, Korea, Singapore, ... for Vietnam market and represents 20 publishers, book company and 30 authors. 

For more information and to contact copyright cooperation, please contact us at 0246 285 4663 - 0932 373 282 or email to receive feedback and support as soon as possible.


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