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Name: Flame

Author: Ernest Seton Thompson

Illustrator: Zhu Chengliang


Rights Sold | French(world), English(USA/Canada),Korean(world)

Extent | 40 Pages,3000 Words 

Size | H257mm x W205mm 

ISBN | 978-7-5391-3745-2



• French edition has been selected The Best Picture Book of the Year for 5+, by Culture et Bibliothèques pour tous.

• The 1st Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award, the most  important award focusing on Chinese 

Flame, the mother fox, was moving home  with her two babies, while one of her babies was caught by hunter's  trap. As Flame tried to help her kid, The hunter's dogs found her  and just wouldn’t stop chasing her. How would she come up with  ideas to help her baby escaping from the hunter? One wonderful  adventure of love and courage, with movie-like colors

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