Green Witch

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Types: Book
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Name: Green Witch

Order number: 67039

ISBN: 978-3-649-67039-1

Age:10 years +

Pages: 272

Format: 14.2 x 21 cm




As a young witch, Elisabeth Aurora Vermeer, called Lizzy, is not allowed to choose who she teaches her witchcraft. This is decided by her aunts who gathered on Lizzy's twelfth birthday. And they seem determined to train Lizzy on Great Aunt Camilla ... a herbal witch.Ironically!

But in the middle of it knocks and stands out Mayla, the most beautiful sea witch Lizzy has ever seen. What is up to her? And who suddenly turned great aunt Camilla into a huge stink plant? Lizzy decides to get to the bottom of her family secrets ... An exciting children's novel about a modern witch figure with a joke and a big mouth.

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