Hands that Can Talk!

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Types: Book
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Detail information:

Name: Hands that Can Talk!

Author: Zhu Ziqiang | Illustrator: Zhu Chengliang


Rights Sold | World rights available

Extent | 40 Pages,200 Words

Size | H190mm x W190mm

ISBN | 978-7-5056-3142-7



• Award-winning author and illustrator being creative together

• With less text, more interactive games, for families reading together

• Exhibited during Frankfurt Book Fair as exceptional Chinese picture books

Hey look, my hands can talk! Can yours talk?

I have a pair of hands that can talk.

Look, if someone asks my  age, I’ll give them answer with my hand.

My hand can also clap with my dad’s to celebrate a victory.

Look, when I misbehave,  mum criticizes me with her hands.

 Even my lovely puppy can also talk with its hands!

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