Playing With Lanterns

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Name: Playing With Lanterns

Author: Wang Yage

Illustrator: Zhu Chengliang


Rights Sold | French(world),


Extent | 32 Pages 2000 Words 

Size | H225mm x W225mm 

ISBN | 978-7-5056-3331-5



• Award-winning illustrator, runner for Hans Christian Andersen Award 2020

• Winner of Teachers’ selection award 2017, held by China’s biggest education media,China Education Daily.

Full of Chinese rural taste, snow, lanterns and kids are main elements

Playing with lanterns is one of traditional customs on The Lantern  Festival(the 15th day of the first month of lunar year) in China’s  Shaanxi Province. The custom starts as little girl Zhaodi and her  friends light lanterns up to welcome the new year, and ends as they  burn those lanterns down to wave goodbye to the passing year.

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